1:00 pm (Moscow time), March 1
we have an exiting journey
"Tokyo: The Hear of Japan"
for the team of
Robocash Group
  • Live communicatoin
    Travel in live-streaming format. In real time, together with the team and the Professional guide, we will immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the city.

  • Feedback
    We will see how the city lives, feel its atmosphere and chat with the guide, ask questions.

  • Simple connectoin
    The journey takes place via Zoom. You can participate from your laptop, tablet or your phone.

Travel itinerary:

1. Tokyo train station.
The station was built at the beginning of 20thcentury, and to this day it adorns the financial heart of Japan- the Marunouchi area.

2. Mitsubishi Corporation.
Through a short passage right in the center of "Tokyo Manhattan" we'll pass into a small museum garden, the plase where the legendary Mitsubishi Corporation was born. Take a peek at the Tokyo International Forum, Japan's largest convention senter.

3. Headquarters of the video company Toho.
This place is well-known for the original Godzilla movies.

4. Nissan intersection on Ginza street.
Here a huge variety of brand stores, departament storesof the highest ategory of service, Michelin-starred restaurants and unusual buldings architecture.

Connect to Zoom on the 1st march at 12:55 (Moscow time)
We start our jorney at 13:00 (Moscow time)
You don't need to install Zoom on your computer.
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See you soon!
1st of march at 13:00
For all technical questions before or during the trip you can contact to support@wind4tune.com
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